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Design extraordinary adventures with Rakura

Discover the freedom to create online and captivating escape room with our intuitive tool on Rakura.
Transform your ideas into immersive adventures shareable across the world.

Create without limits

The innovative Rakura tool that unleashes your creativity and plunges you into the heart of the captivating universe of online escape rooms.
Whether you are a passionate creator or a curious novice, Rakura offers a user-friendly platform to bring your most audacious game ideas to life.


Explore the ease of use of Rakura, the platform dedicated to the creation of online escape rooms. Our aim is to make the creation of digital escape rooms accessible to everyone, even those with no experience. With an intuitive interface we improve the game design process, enabling creators of all levels to bring their ideas to life with ease.


Unlock your creative potential with Rakura. We give you the freedom to customize, allowing creators to design games that reflect their unique vision and style. Rakura puts creativity first. It's the ideal tool for designers who want to inject their personal touch into every aspect of their game, guaranteeing a unique experience for every user.

For Family and Friends

Creating an escape room with Rakura for your family and friends is a fantastic way to share unforgettable moments. Whether it's for a special occasion or just for fun, Rakura makes designing a custom game simple and enjoyable. Imagine the excitement of solving puzzles you've created yourself, strengthening bonds, and creating lasting memories. Rakura is the perfect tool for those looking to offer a unique and personalized gaming experience to their loved ones.

For Educational Purposes

Using Rakura in an educational context opens a world of opportunities for interactive learning. By designing escape rooms, teachers can incorporate educational lessons in an engaging and interactive way. This not only captivates student's attention but also develops their problem-solving skills, teamwork, and critical thinking. Rakura is therefore a valuable tool for making learning more dynamic and memorable.

For Businesses

Rakura is also an effective tool for businesses looking to improve their team's performance. By creating escape rooms focused on team building and problem-solving, companies can foster collaboration, communication, and creativity within their teams. These games can serve as interactive training or team-building activities, helping to develop essential skills in a professional environment while offering an entertaining and enriching experience.

It's your turn to play now!

Sign up now and start the exciting adventure of game design. Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast, a teacher looking for innovative learning methods, or a company in search of team-building activities, Rakura is the perfect tool for you. Join us and start creating unique and personalized escape rooms that will captivate players worldwide. Registration is simple and opens the door to a world of innovation and entertainment. Don't miss this opportunity, create your Rakura account today!

Need to create a game?

If you have an idea or a project for an escape room, Rakura is perfectly equipped to make it happen. Our platform is designed to turn your creative visions into exciting gaming adventures. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project. Our team is ready to support you in the creation process, providing you with the necessary tools and support to bring your idea to life. With Rakura, bringing your personalized escape room to life is within reach. Let us help you turn your concept into a memorable interactive experience.