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Design interactive escape rooms and share them around the world

Your ultimate destination for creating and sharing online escape rooms is here. Our innovative platform opens the doors to a world where creativity meets interactivity.
Whether you're an escape room enthusiast, a teacher looking for fun educational tools, or a professional in team building, Rakura turns your vision into reality.
Dive into the Rakura adventure and discover how your ideas can captivate, educate, and unite. It's time to create, play, and explore the art of digital escape rooms on Rakura.

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Unleash your creativity by creating your games

Bring your ideas to life by creating captivating and interactive games. With our intuitive tool, easily create escape rooms and then share them with the world in just a few clicks.
Thanks to our tool, design your games for all types of events: birthdays, evenings, team building...

Design games with specific objectives


Offer a unique playful experience, combining entertainment and intellectual challenge. By immersing your players in captivating virtual worlds, where each solved puzzle brings a sense of accomplishment and stimulates curiosity. Online escape rooms offer the possibility to create varied scenarios and immersive environments, thanks to technology. While encouraging players to think creatively and strategically.


Online escape rooms are excellent educational tools. By encouraging active learning by asking players to solve problems, use logic, and apply knowledge practically. Design games that can be adapted to integrate specific educational concepts, while making learning more interactive and fun.


Create multiplayer games offering an excellent opportunity for team cohesion. By working together to solve puzzles, players develop communication and teamwork skills. Design games that require players to share information, find strategies together, and make decisions as a group, improving trust and cooperation within the team.

Discover unique worlds by playing creations

Become adventurers, discover rooms, search furniture,
solve puzzles, outwit traps, and unlock locks to succeed in escaping...
Find the scenario that suits you and play with one click

Playing escape rooms on Rakura reinforces team cohesion in a fun and entertaining spirit. Rack your brains and discover the mysteries of the many puzzles offered by users. With Rakura you are locked in a virtual room and your goal is to complete a series of puzzles to get out of the room.


Rakura reinvents itself every day to offer you a unique online escape room experience by integrating an adventure from your home.

Create easily and quickly

Take advantage of the design tool and its already implemented features. Allowing you to design your escape rooms in record time and as you imagine them.

With you everywhere

On any platform or anytime enjoy the available games. No reservation is needed, everything is accessible for you to entertain yourself by playing online escape rooms.

You are our priority

Rakura is one of those sites that place great value on their clients. Convinced that without users, a platform could not thrive, they bet everything to fully satisfy them.
The user, therefore, has everything they need on the site to get by, but above all, their opinion is very important to Rakura. It's time to join a community of escape room enthusiasts that will bring you real added value.

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Rakura's participation

We participate in as many events as possible to share the possibilities offered to you all year round.

EN'iGmatik #21

Rakura à été présenté pour la première fois lors du salon sur le jeu pédagogique EN'iGmatik

20/21 février 2021

S'capade en ligne

Rakura est cité dans ce livre pour la conception d'escape games en ligne

22 mai 2022

It's your turn to play now!

It's your turn to dive into the captivating world of Rakura! Whether you want to unleash your creativity by designing your own escape room or prefer to explore the thrilling adventures available on our platform, it's time for fun. Rakura is designed to offer you a unique experience, full of challenges and entertainment. So, don't wait any longer, get started and discover the thrill of creation and play. Your next extraordinary adventure begins here, on Rakura!